It’s 1919 in New York City, and Vaudeville is all the rage!

Impish impresario Keaton Abbott (Jason Hardwick) is polishing the planks of the Ferguson Theatre as his company of actors, magicians, jugglers, singers, showgirls, stage-hands and circus animals put the finishing touches on their latest variety spectacle.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Episode 4 - "Best We Forget"

Episode 4 
"Best We Forget"
Photographs by Janna Hove
Synopsis by Jim Cej 

Our Cast of Characters:

Jason Hardwick as Keaton Abbott 
-impresario, theatre owner-
Kristi Hansen as Bobbi Smarts 
-designer and stage hand-
Stephanie Wolfe as Juniper Jones 
-now solo member of a sister act-
Tom Edwards as Riff Van Winkel 
-ex-flying ace, wing walker-
Delia Barnett as Daisy Darling 
-showgirl, born in a trunk-
Matt Alden as Jack Potts 
-independently wealthy man about town-
Mark Meer as Lou Tellegen 
-famous actor- 
Jesse Gervais as Lou Costello 

*             *           *

November 11th, 1919

 Jack Potts carries Lou Telligen into Keaton Abbott’s office. 
Keaton sends Jack on a fool’s errand and explains to Lou that he sent Jack Potts to pick him up at the train station to get him out of his hair. 

*             *           *

 Lou asks Keaton where his poppy is. 
The Great War is something never to be forgotten. 
We must honour those who fought by buying a poppy, walking two steps, and then find that it has fallen off. 

 Keaton tells Lou about his experiences in the trenches.
 He shot an injured man to put him out of his misery. 
but now he tries to entertain people to make them forget.

*             *           *

 Lou Costello knocks on Daisy Darling’s door. 

 He is extremely confident until she opens the door.

*             *           *

 Jack Potts is stuck up on the catwalk. 
Bobbi sees him up there and asks if he needs help getting down. 
He says that he is being punished for investing all his money in the Limelight Cabaret. 

 He recognizes her as someone that hit him over the head. 
He asks her what the best thing he can do. 
Make people laugh. 
Keaton said that he must do something dangerous. 
Maybe you can hit me over the head again, every Monday? 
Won’t that kill you? 
Yeah, but everyone watches football.

*             *           *

Lou Tellegen visits Juniper Jones in her dressing room. 
He has always been entranced by her performances. 
And she has always loved his deep dark eyes. 

 Lou would put her into his top 15. 
But perhaps it is not correct to discuss this in her dressing room 
when he has just left his wife behind in Hollywood. 
She asks how she could get into the movies. 

 There may be a part in his next movie, 
The Woman and the Puppet.

*             *           *

 Everyone has gathered together in the Ferguson Theatre 
to share a moment of remembrance this Armistice Day. 
Riff talks about his experiences. 
He remembers with all his heart. 

 Though they are gone, they will not be missing in his heart.  
Bobbi thanks him for their time together, 
but she does not feel worthy of his friendship.
 She has new feelings for someone else. 
 Lou Tellegen asks if she is dumping a war veteran in front of all of them? 
They will remember this.

*             *           *

Lou drinks alone in his dressing room. 
Keaton knocks at his door. 
He asks how Lou is doing. 
The problem is, he still has feelings for her. 
Or him. 
He has never figured out which. 

Keaton appreciates what he talked about. 
He served as well, but don’t tell anyone. 
Aren’t you proud? 
There are a lot of things that happened that we wish we could forget. 
Keaton will tell him about it all, one day.

*             *           *

Bobbi, Juniper, and Daisy meet in the secret basement cabaret. 
Not talking about men, they discuss salad. 
They share some Bechdel wine and hope it passes the test. 
Juniper admits she has a drinking problem. 
She often misses her mouth.  
Bobbi has a question for Juniper. 
When they were passing Riff's spirit last week, she felt something. 
Did Juniper feel something too? 
She did. 
Bobbi asks what if they could make some beautiful sounds together. 
That would be just great.

*             *           *

Jack Potts meets Lou Costello on the roof of the theatre. 

He is there to show him some dangerous acts. 

One involves a unicycle, lion, shark, and being on fire. 
It is a very complicated act. 

*             *           *

Back in the cabaret, several drinks later, all they can talk about is men. 
Bobbi likes everything about them and wonders 
if there aren’t any men there to see them, are they really there? 
 Maybe they should kill them all. 
Riff doesn’t know what he walks into.

*             *           *

Bobbi and Juniper wake up after a drunken night. 
They try to figure what happened the night before. 
Apparently they’ve moved in together. 
All they can remember is doing something on a chair together.

*             *           *

Riff is feeling the effects of the night before, with a stab wound. 
Daisy drags him to Keaton Abbott’s office. 

She explains what happened to Riff, 
but it takes a long time to get to the point. 
They get off track and talk about Daisy’s chance to be the opening act 
while Riff lies bleeding on the floor.

*             *           *

 Lou Tellegen relaxes at home. 
He is watched by Jack Potts. 

He wants to get ideas on how to be a better act. 
Lou catches him and deduces his intention. 
He asks Jack why he wishes to tread the boards. 
He tells Lou about how he gave his money to Limelight Cabaret. 
Ah yes, when someone needs to make a lot of money, 
the first place they think of is the theatre. 
Lou is curious about the new theatre. 

*             *           *
Lou Costello guesses things about the audience. 

*             *           *

Riff and Keaton have flashbacks to The Great War. 

Riff is feeling weak. 

*             *           *

The Cockney technicians have their weekly poker game. 

 *             *           *

Lou has returned to Daisy Darling’s dressing room 

to apologize for his previous behaviour. 
He is complimentary, she reads people in the smallest movement. 
Like a cat. 

He apologizes for pissing himself earlier. 
Daisy asks if it was something she did. 
It’s everything she does. 
He has to thank her for giving him the confidence to speak in public in his guessing act.
 He has rules about fraternizing with the staff. 
Very stiff rules? 
What are they?

*             *           *

Jack Potts introduces a new magic act with his assistant, Keaton Abbott, 

and a volunteer from the audience.

*             *           *

Lou Tellegen walks in on Riff on the floor in Keaton’s office. 
He asks how he can help. 
He asks for a doctor. 
Yes, Lou has played a doctor before. 

He asks about his bedside manner. 
and asks Riff for some notes. 
How about a bandage? 
Lou calls for an ambulance for Riff.

*             *           *

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