It’s 1919 in New York City, and Vaudeville is all the rage!

Impish impresario Keaton Abbott (Jason Hardwick) is polishing the planks of the Ferguson Theatre as his company of actors, magicians, jugglers, singers, showgirls, stage-hands and circus animals put the finishing touches on their latest variety spectacle.

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Friday, April 3, 2020

Behind the Scenes of Radio Episode 3 (Season Episode 22)

Behind the Scenes of Radio Episode 3 (Season Episode 22)

Our Backstage has become very different!  Transforming our little show from the live stage to whatever weird radio play/video hybrid it's becoming has been a great learning experience.  Through the wonders of technology, we've actually been seeing more of each than usual.  And like you, we enjoy seeing each other in our home environment ,  pets and all!

We've been experimenting with live-streaming to Facebook.  Lots of technical issues to work through, but we're figuring them out.  You can still find our livestream attempts on our Facebook page.  Here's a link to the latest for a true glimpse at the backstage goings on!

Watch for a new episode next Monday!

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